Black Panther Contains Nox Signs
Black Panther and its ritualistic signs
Black Panther is not for you

Black Panther is not for YOU

There are a million glaring reasons why i say Black Panther is not for you! Do not go to see Black Panther at the cinema’s or on DVD. Wakanda Forever! A line from the box office trashing movie titled Black Panther. I have seen many memes, and pledges of allegiance to wakanda, from the population at large, and how quickly …

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Unwanted yet ‘Perfect’ #IamTSG

The first single Perfect from my EP (Wildnworship) is now ready and on track for its February 2018 release. Its been a journey, trying to document what it means to be ‘unwanted yet Perfect. From the procrastination and being a private individual. A lot of what is involved in being a recording artist are part of the things i used …

Making your brand go viral tsg that small girl

Making your Brand go VIRAL!

BuildingĀ  a brand and getting it viral are two totally different missions on planet earth. Totally depending on your aim and context of your brand, going viral might not be your thing. But lately myself and the team have had a revamp with our preconceived notions of social media. Social media management and growing an audience itself can be so …

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Buy Followers Here!

Sometimes, we get carried away with the pressure to deliver to the standards placed on us by the world at large. Whoever thought we had all graduated from high school and all that peer pressure! Peer pressure is very real, and can sometimes present itself in the form of followers you have, the number of followers who actively engage with …