Black Panther Contains Nox Signs
Black Panther and its ritualistic signs
Black Panther is not for you
Black Panther Contains Nox Signs
Black Panther and its ritualistic signs
Black Panther is not for you

Black Panther is not for YOU

There are a million glaring reasons why i say Black Panther is not for you! Do not go to see Black Panther at the cinema’s or on DVD.

Wakanda Forever! A line from the box office trashing movie titled Black Panther. I have seen many memes, and pledges of allegiance to wakanda, from the population at large, and how quickly we are all quick to pledge allegiance and do the wakanda shake is something that I find very alarming. Its almost reflects the state of our inner man, where we are so quick to embrace any trend and throw away any form of discernment required.

Fortunately I am a Christian, and im required to assess and confirm the spirit behind any body of work, that I watch, listen to or use. Especially as we are in the last days, the enemy is certainly on parol. I once saw a quote, I cant remember where exactly.  But it said something along these lines

‘Trying to show you the truth, hidden in plain sight!

Perhaps Its from the Black Panther movie itself, but lest I digress. The truth about the enemy is unfortunately in plain sight to those who decide to use their spirit of discernment. But to those who choose who are so quick to embrace any new trend and question it later, this post is for you.

Not to spoil the movie for you, if you haven’t seen it yet, but lets start from the first scene where I think her name is Okoye, speaks to her supposed Prince. She tells him she is ready, or something is ready (Pardon my blurred memory of the movie, I was more bothered about covering my ear lobes with tongues, than being too excited about Africans being super heroes for once #Smh that’s a topic for another day)

The camera initially zooms into her hands, which are shaped in the form of the 666 sign, as she sits on the floor, supposedly practising Yoga. To the spiritually dead audience she is practising yoga, and there is nothing else to it. To those who understand the trickery of the enemy, we saw the hand sign.

First the sign that we saw was the 666 sign

Then the handshakes, and fist in the air constantly promoted within the movie. See images below and you would understand the meaning of the hand gestures and understand their ritualistic implications. Click HERE to learn more about the other ritualistic signs, meanings and origins


Secondly, the introduction to the movie almost reminds me of Lucifer’s quest to get back his glory, since his fall from heaven. It speaks of a secret world, that runs on supernatural intelligence, and that’s how the pyramids and all their wealth was acquired. Which is quite similar to the theory of how the pyramids we all know today was built. The theory states that the Egyptians could only build such a structure by getting the knowledge supernaturally. By human sacrifice, they could get to see into the spiritual realm and learn intelligence that Is not accessible to the common man. So back to black panther, they spoke about wakanda being a place which is so wealthy because of the supernatural knowledge that was made available to develop the ‘Secret society’

So yes you can liken this secret society to the free masons, or illuminati. Or whatever new names now exist for those who actually rule this world. As the bible states the Prince of this world is the Devil, so we all know in his cunning mannerism, he has a new name depending on what occasion or project he is commissioning. So this black panther movie, boasts of wakanda being a secret society that offers superb benefits to its members, and most importantly they get supernatural healing. Well this bit just made me smile, because this can be likened to the aid and vaccination projects being offered to Africa, when in reality its aimed at using the population as guinea pigs. Offering aid, but actually causing more harm than good. So in the movie, a pearl like ball is inserted into any wound or ailment and the person heals supernaturally in 24 hours! We all know, well those we spiritually awake know that the elite in society don’t suffer from the typical illnesses that plague society in general. I.e you would never hear the likes of Bill gates, etc dying from Cancer or your typical illness that we are told doesn’t have a cure. The elite have the cure, but the pharmaceutical companies and the elite need to make profit from your charitable causes and events organised to find cures that already exist.

So when its mentioned in Black panther, that there is a pearl that exists only to those in Wakanda, and the rest of the world should not be aware that they have such a cure, lest they begin to draw attention to wakanda. There is a line said by the lead actor, where he said wakanda is famous for taking care of its own, it does not plan to open its doors to everyone and do business with everyone. Well this once more goes to confirm what wakanda truly represents when you look at our current economy and our society.

Now moving away from the elite and how wakanda seems to represent them. On the spiritual side isn’t it shocking that the challenge and the crowning of the king happened in the underworld. He arrives in the middle of the sea, they fight on the mountains in the middle of the sea….when the camera shows us wakanda (At the point where the lead actor arrives in his spaceship looking vehicle, the camera angle was UPSIDE DOWN!)

Commmmmon Dear Christians, the underworld, the phrase ‘As above, so below‘ all comes to mind when we are introduced to the wakanda, you are so eager to embrace.

I have seen Christians eagerly encourage others to watch the movie, and end their posts on social media with the hashtag #Wakandaforever

Which makes me question if they are truly awake, or spiritually dead. If you are looking for something to educate our young on black heroism, please look into history books or better still look for good role models, that are not occultic!

If you are so keen, to pledge allegiance to anything – here’s a hashtag for you #Heavenforever

If you need a movie to recommend to other Christians, Here’s a movie to recommend

  • Passion of Christ (this is still a questionable movie, but at least at attempts to tell the story of who Christ is)
  • War Room

This is my two cents regarding a movie, that seems to be trending at the moment under the banner of black empowerment, black heroism etc.

But we all know the lie the enemy told Eve. Told her a lie wrapped up in the package of ‘GOOD’

We all know not all good things are of God!

So before you are so quick to embrace another gadget, hashtag, meme, challenge. Please ask the lord to open your eyes of discernment, to see things the way he sees it.

Until next time

I remain questioning every trend


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  1. Inner eyes and mind is required for such reasoning and visions.

    1. TSG That Small Girl 7th March 2018 at 12:05 pm

      Very true….thank you for your contribution.

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