Tsg that small girl single cover in landscape
tsg that small girl cover option 1
TSG that small girl cover option 2
Tsg that small girl cover option 3
TSG That small girl cover option 4
TSG That small girl cover option 5
Tsg that small girl single cover in landscape
tsg that small girl cover option 1
TSG that small girl cover option 2
Tsg that small girl cover option 3
TSG That small girl cover option 4
TSG That small girl cover option 5

Unwanted yet ‘Perfect’ #IamTSG

The first single Perfect from my EP (Wildnworship) is now ready and on track for its February 2018 release. Its been a journey, trying to document what it means to be ‘unwanted yet Perfect. From the procrastination and being a private individual. A lot of what is involved in being a recording artist are part of the things i used to believe were self promotion. As someone who is very private and conscious about pleasing God in all my endeavours, music has always been a soft spot for me. Knowing how the devil fell, just because of pride mixed in with knowing he was the best at music. Makes me tread very carefully on this journey of mine to promote God through Music. I dare not write all the fears i had and still have, all of them built around making sure God is pleased.

Then i came across an amazing individual who isnt your stereotypical Christian and the way he went about making his choices challenged my viewpoint on music and how it can be done, especially outside of the church. Folks, im all too aware of how critical church folks can be. So i can boldly state my music and all that i would be opportuned to create in the future is not for the church.

This individual, would be the typical character that we would assasinate his character because of religion, but i deeply believe God brought him my way to crush the ideologies that religion provided me. Also i got to admire that he boldly spoke about his weaknesses, asking that if we ever saw him getting it wrong rather than create a sermon about him, how about approach him and pray for him!

This reminded me of how many times, we are so quick to post up threads and youtube videos on christians who literally are being apostles (breaking new ground that we havent been on) but yet so quick to judge how we would have dealt with such situations. Question is ‘if’ we as the church dont edify the body of Christ by suporting or correcting in ‘LOVE’ how on earth would we attract the world to what God offers. All they would see is how we tear ourselves apart in public, and that truly there is no unity, so they would go for the unity that the devil offers (which we all know is a lie)

Pardon me for going off tangent. But i certainly will put together a short film in the new year by Gods grace. God showed me a vision which entails how he feels about the current character assasination and dessemination we have so gladly embraced in the church. The conversation goes like this…

God: Now Imagine, you had a child who goes to school everyday, gets top marks, but one day he does something really bad at school. How would you feel as a parent?

TSG: Well, i would not be pleased that he did something, i am not proud of. I would also be displeased that he is acting out of character. But i would want to have a word with him to know, what happened.

God: Very True, now imagine you have spoken to him, and he explains that he is deeply sorry, and he shows he is truly repentant?

TSG: I would not just take his word for it, i would keep tabs on his actions afterwards, hoping he would prove that he is truly sorry.

God: Great. Now imagine, By the time you wake the next day, before he got a chance to prove he is repentant. You switch on the tv, and suddenly the news of what he did at school is all over the news. How would you feel?

TSG: First instinct, is to certainly storm over to the school who would have escalated the news of what he did to the news. Considering they are a school, they should be more concerned about his welfare and protecting my child. Rather than being so eager to tell the world of what he has done wrong. This should have been managed within the school, especially because what he did was a minor.

I guess to know how this ends you would have to keep an eye out for the shortfilm, but this goes to show how quickly things can escalate when mismanaged, and how God feels when we are so quick to hang our fellow Christian on the cross for getting it wrong, even before they get a chance to prove they are repentant.

Now back to being unwanted, yet perfect. This single is called perfect, just like our father in heaven is perfect. It reflects the pain and agony of being orphaned. It reflects the pain of not being able to fully talk about it, because what society expects of you is to be ‘STRONG’ move on they say.

Unfortunately moving on is a hard concept for many orphans around the world.

When we are constantly reminded with overt display of love all around, parents cuddling their child, parents being protective or even single parents doing the most, to ensure their child lacks nothing. For want of a better word – Display of what our parents would have been able to do if they were available or alive. Sometimes, we are consoled by the words

There are so many people who have parents, who are not functional. So you are lucky you have people around you that love you

This is unfortunately the lense society sometimes views you with. Yes we are all too aware, that the grass is always greener on the other side, but one thing i have learnt in 2017 is

Its perfectly fine to be hurt. It’s fine to have moments of weakness, go ahead and embrace your pain. Dont shove it aside, and if you act out of character in the midst of your pain, its perfecly fine. Do not accept any of the labels society places on your pain. (Erratic, bitter, rebel, victim mentality etc). Its perfectly fine to take time to heal, and not rush the process because truly no prescription exists for healing and what it means to you. The process of healing is truly personal, only you know whats works best, and the holyspirit is a great help with this also. So take your time, as long as you learn, being an overcomer at the end of it all, is all that matters!

I was blessed with 5 artwork options, which made the choice pretty hard. As a fellow creative, we are literally the hardest to please sometimes. But this was the first time i had conveyed my thoughts on what the cover should look like, and then saw it translated into amazing covers. I literally wanted all of them! Do leaveĀ  a comment below and let me know what cover you prefer (Happy to change the cover, for the one with the highest votes.)

Cover option A

Cover option B

Cover option C

Cover option D

Cover option E

I am sure you now agree with me, that it would have been hard making a choice. I chose cover option B, and would speak further on the reason for my choice, perhaps a little listen to the single and how it all came together. Join me via the Facebook Live session on the 31st December 2017 as we uncover the unwanted yet perfect project. Click HERE to RSVP to the event.

Until next time,

Seek Perfection even with your flaws!

I am #TSG

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