Making your brand go viral tsg that small girl
Making your brand go viral tsg that small girl

Making your Brand go VIRAL!

BuildingĀ  a brand and getting it viral are two totally different missions on planet earth. Totally depending on your aim and context of your brand, going viral might not be your thing. But lately myself and the team have had a revamp with our preconceived notions of social media. Social media management and growing an audience itself can be so organic, no wonder Gary Vee says you need to enjoy the journey.

It is certainly the greatest tragedy if you employ a socialmedia management company and they are the least interested in the ethical methods and how to grow the audience that suits your brand. Finding the audience that is interested in the content that you create, can be best described as finding a needle in a haystack, but it isnt impossible. Then the joys of creating content that keeps them engaged, can best be described as the job of a parent trying to be cool around their 16 year teenager. The teenager here being the social media audience who have the attention span of 10 seconds max, and if the content doesnt engage them in that time, you are getting the scroll of life!

So many experts on this topic, but one thing we must all realise that the word social media is an ever increasing dictionary. Where more words are constanlty added to the list of students who graduate everyday but return the following week, because the landscape has changed. So truly if you do hire a social media manager, be rest assured that your are paying for the time spent on the following:

All of this time and this is what you pay, unfortunately as you can imagine, time is money. Most of the time, a simple quote can never suffice, but passion is the difference between employing just any social media manager or an ethical social media management company.

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